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Wireless communication security monitor

Electronic fence

Lay out the mobile subscriber information acquisition device at the main entrances and important positions. Collect the users’ information, transmit this information to the data processing centre through wire or wireless mode, conduct data comparison and finally transfer the result to the supervisors.

Basic Parameter

Scanning Speed:>1800/minute
Power: 2W to 10W
Antenna: omni-directional and directional
Mode: vehicle carried & immobile


Control over coverage area
24-hours work
Real-time alarm
Easy to network, can realize the regional information sharing

Work Theory:

Electronic detection and localization

Capture the approximate location through electronic fence and other approaches first. Then realize precise positioning with vehicle positioning devices and portable positioning equipment.
The method is to use vehicle positioning device to inspect in the possible area. When the suspicious signal is received, lock the objective, send the information to operators who take portable positioning device go to the buildings or any area that vehicles can not reach, and then start precise positioning. The Vehicle positioning device can locate to the building and the floor and the portable positioning device can position exact room and individual

Basic Parameter

Scanning speed:>2000/minute
Capture rate: >1800/minute
Average acquisition time : 2~5mimutes
Simultaneously capture objects: 8 targets
Distance: 300-500 meters outdoor; 50-100 meters indoor


Active working mode
Independent detection of mobile phone information
Coverage area can be controlled
Fast detection, precise positioning
Simultaneously Positioning 8 GSM objectives

The theory of Vehicle-carried system

Intelligent control of mobile phone

Can be shielded, positioning and controlled when the target is captured 

Basic Parameters and features
Transmitter power: 2W
Adjustable step: 10
Selective control of objects
Coverage area can be controlled

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