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Wall-climbing Robot

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Wall-climbing Robot

Wall climbing robot was designed by HIT for the purpose to anti-terrorism. It can work on the vertical wall, arc-shaped wall and roof wall etc.

1. Four-wheel drive, fast-moving, easy to operation.
2. Patented adsorption equipment and intelligent control, with high reliability.
3. Patented sealing mechanism adopted, suitable for airplane surface,arc surface, glass surface ,ceramic, cement wall and roof wall; Reliable adsorption can be realized through the grooves with certain depth and width.
4. The noise has bee reduced to 65db, far below the 80 db level of similar products.
5. Compact structure and light weight by charcoal fiber material
6. Easy and convenient to application

Main performance:
1. Dimension: 300×300×110mm
2. Net weight: 5.5kg
3. Load weight: 2kg
4.  Load pressure: 2.5kpa
5. Speed: 15m/min
6. battery life time:80 minutes for ceramic surface, 100 minutes for render surface
7. Wireless transmission distance: 100m
8. Adsorb media: airplane surface, glass surface, ceramic surface (Depth of the groove <5mm, sealing ring insects the groove 18 times)cement render surface.
9. Noise: 65db (tested directly at 1m distance); across the single glass sealed window (tested at 1m distance): 40db
10. Operating temperature :-20℃~40℃
11. The controlling system is easy to maintain, adopt bus and module structure
12. The control box is easy to operation; Remote real-time monitoring robots work status.
13. Reliable designs for jiggling motion. Automatically maintain load pressure, instruction to shake hands.


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