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The LED new technologies successfully applied to the renovation of great hall of the people

Recently, the LED manufacturer representative by risin company has successfully completed the renovation project of the great hall of the people,and be completed within 20 days of the delivery and installation of the 5,000 sets of lights.inculde different type LED lamp,Lighting color temperature of 3000k, a color rendering index of 85, the color tolerance is less than 5, the luminaire efficiency 901m / W, pass electromagnetic compatibility, security testing and 3000 hours of againg, the attenuation is less than 4% The lamp is an international leading level, and has applied for patent.

After the reconstruction, energy saving 80% for lighting alone while brightness enhancing 30%, the group of lights lower the temperature to about 50 ℃, reducing the load on the air conditioning has become a model of China's energy saving reconstruction project for the semiconductor lighting applications.

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