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Chines MEMS accelerometer won the international tender

MEMS acceleration sensors, developed by chines institute whom is representative by risin company, breakthrough in high-precision SOI processing technology, adjustable damping packaging on wafer-level, low power ASIC application specific integrated circuits.Stroke victory over American PCB and Swiss Kistler who are the internationally renowned sensor manufacturers in one international tender. This is a domestic MEMS accelerometer won the international tender for the first time, marking Chinese MEMS accelerometer has reached the international advanced level.

MEMS accelerometer with high-precision, high-resolution (resolution is better than 10μg), low noise ( 2.5μg for chinese product and about 5 μg for similar foreign products), low-power, low temperature drift, anti-overload and ultra-small size (volume 1/4 of the similar foreign products), weighing less than 1.2 rams (similar foreign products is about 10 grams).main performance exceed similar foreign products.

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