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We are honored to be the global partner of the renowned enterprises both at home and abroad, such as HSRI, STL, SEI,MMC,HIT.


Owning strong technologies, advanced scientific production methods, national key lab of IC & power devices and quality supervision & testing center for semi-conductors, HSRI is one of the largest key research institutes, which have the longest history in the research of semi-conductors technologies in China with the most complete equipment in comprehensive engineering semi-conductors field. Its research and development are in four fields, i.e. micro-electronic, optic-electronic, MEMS and supporting. The products include MW & Millimeter semi-conductors、MW& Millimeter analog IC、super high-speed digital IC、MW mixed IC 、MW&Millimeter IC, small size equipment ,Optic-electronic devices、photo IC, MEMS & NEMS mechanical & electrical system, high-power impulse devices and assemblies, quanta devices &IC tailor-made high reliability semiconductor and material.、Package、testing 、services, which are featured as high-frequency, emission-transfer-receiving, operate frequency from DC to light-wave.


STL, established in Jan. 1963, is one of the biggest institutes in the fields of applied research of optic-electronic transmission and optical sensor technology. Meanwhile, STL is also a scientific & research production entity for various optic-electronic transmission wires, connectors, components, optical fiber cables and related equipment. Electrical transmission mainly includes RF cable, tailor-made cable, wave-guide & MW-Millimeter devices, connector & components; optical transmission mainly involves tailor-made fiber, tailor-made optical cables & components, optical-fiber devices and optical-fiber sensors.


Since its founding in 1897, Japanese SEI has been continuously satisfying the society with all kinds of products by keeping bringing out new technologies and products one after another in automobile, IT, electronics, E-cables, mechanical material, energy and industrial material industries through creative and innovative R&D based on manufacturing technology of electrical wires and electrical cables.

The Mitsubishi Materials Group established in 1950, Electronics material & Components business is mainly supplies the world with a diverse range of high-performance and high-quality semiconductor products based on polycrystalline silicon substrates, Include Surge absorbers, EMI filters, Thermistor, chip antenna etc. Widely used in automotive, wireless communications, home appliances and many other fields. 

Robotics institute of HIT
Robotics Institute of HIT was founded in 1986, is one of the earliest robot technology research unit. Successfully developed the first spot welding robot since 1986, the Institute has been rapid development, the existence of the national "863" program research network opening Lab of Intelligent robot bodies. Over the past five years, commitment to the national "863" program, natural science Fund, the National Defense Committee and corporate projects over more than 70 items, 15 provincial science and technology prizes, there was a great deal of advantages in robot technology research direction.

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